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What is assistantship ?

Assistantship is financial aid with duties in teaching, research or school management. Usually students receiving the assistantship will receive monthly stipends plus a partial or full tuition waiver. Contrary to many people's believe, there are actually many undergraduate assistantships available from many universities.

In order to receive the assistantship position, one must be willing to work while pursuing his/her degree. Generally speaking, there is a competition for the assistantship positions, this is especially true to the international student because assistantships are the major or only BIG financial support resource available for international students in most universities.

How can I be secured a financial aid ?

The best way to find an assistantship is to catch the new openning, these fresh ( newly posted) positions will be filled up as the time goes on, so try to make the application before your peers.

Here are a few things that you need to know before using our free services:

1) An assistantship is not a scholarship or student loan, nor is it an opportunity for "free cash"; instead, it is a major-related hard working opportunity whereby you can earn your stipend (monthly salary) and receive, in most cases, a partial/full tuition waiver. Therefore, you should not apply for an assistantship position  if you do not plan to work while studying toward your degree.

2) You need to have two dependable e-mail addresses. From time to time, we find some students' e-mail addresses did not always work, especially the free e-mail address like Hotmail or Yahoo; consequently, we were unable to deliver the good news to students. Sometimes, we can receive an e-mail from a student, but the student cannot receive an e-mail from us. So please provide two independent e-mail addresses when communicate with us.

3) When filling out your resume on-line, you must also provide three references, they could be your former university professor or the boss of the company that you are currently working for.  

4) We suggest you prepare your school application materials right now. Make the formal application as soon as possible when you receive an offer from a university professor or other funding agents, because the assistantship job will not be there waiting for you forever. If you cannot take that duty in time, you will be replaced by someone else. There is rarely a shortage of candidates. So please have your school application materials ready, such as transcripts, recommendation letters, etc. 

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